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AC or Heater not working?
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Why Choose Airtec?

Count on the staff at Airtec Air Conditioning to provide you with excellent heating and air conditioning services. We perform efficient air conditioning and heating services, as well as design and install central air units. Contact us to discuss our services.

Airtec Air Conditioning provides quality heating and air conditioning services on all makes and models up to 25 tons, for your home or business. The right climate controlled system is available for your living space, so it is time to invest in home improvement and put away the fans and portable heaters.

​No job is too hot or too cold for
Airtec Air Conditioning. You can count on us for commercial heating and air conditioning or residential. Our staff has provided air conditioning services  and we are committed to our customers, so give us a call if you are ready for excellence.

New Installation

Airtec offers new installation of heating and air conditioning units. In order to determine the best product for your home or business, the professionals assess:

  • Location

  • Fuel type

  • Size, in square feet

  • Number of levels

  • Number of windows

  • Hot and cold spots

  • Current efficiency rating

  • Potential energy savings

With a thorough analysis, the installation is done right, inside and out. The electronic-controlled damping system will give you the power to control each room for perfect zoning temperature.  Contact us to discuss our services.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Routine air conditioning maintenance will give your unit a longer life. It is important to be proactive when it comes to your air conditioner so you can save money on your electricity bill and avoid the cost of a new unit. Basic types of air conditioning services are:

  • Visual inspection

  • Normal temperature, input and output air

  • Normal operating noises

  • Visible damage or defects

  • Filter change or cleaning

  • External cleaning of condenser and evaporator

  • Tube insulation care

  • Condensate pan and drain care

  • Simple damper maintenance

  • Acidity test

  • Moisture check

  • Simple leak detection

  • Simple fan and blower diagnostic

Specialized types of air conditioning maintenance include:

  • Refrigerant superheat or subcooling check

  • Refrigerant leak detection

  • Refrigerant charging

  • System pump down

  • System evacuation

  • Compressor lubrication

Provide general care for your unit by keeping it clean, dry, lubricated, and call an Airtec professional for air conditioning inspection when you need maintenance or repair. It does not have to be complicated to stay cool.  Contact us to discuss our services.

Heating System Services

A heating system is important to maintain so you can save money and be comfortable in your home. Airtec Air Conditioning also provides heating air conditioning repair. To get the most out of your heater a professional will:

  • Check condition of vent connection

  • Check physical integrity of the heat exchanger

  • Check controls to provide optimum temperature settings

  • Perform a combustion-efficiency test, if needed

  • Test carbon monoxide

  • Remove dirt, soot, or corrosion

  • Check fuel input and flame characteristic

  • Seal connections between furnace and main ducts

  • Check thermostat

Different heating systems will require different types of maintenance.

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